• Cosen C320NC Bandsaw Machine

STRUCTURE: Oversized precision ground, large dual columns; Cross link connecting two columns for enhanced structural strength; Back-tilted saw frame for longer blade life; Hydraulic shuttle vise assembly;

BLADE DRIVE: Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure; Inverter controlled infinitely variable blade speed;

BLADE GUIDANCE & LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Carbide blade guides with bearing guides; Two additional guides to support the blade from the top; Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device; Integral coolant system; Pitch design for coolant drainage; Synchronized power driven blade brush;

CONTROL & AUTOMATION: Smart NC-100 (SNC-100) technology programmable up to 100 different jobs; Automatic kerf compensation & automatic multiple indexing; "Save-a-Blade" design to prevent tooth deformities; Automatic shutdown; Error code display for simplified self-diagnostics; LCD screen with film type keypad, blade speed/life, feed vise position display;  Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system; Bundle/single cutting mode switch; Automatic work height selector & air gap eliminator;

MATERIAL FEEDING & CLAMPING; Split vise jaws featuring automatic feeding down to the remnant length of 50mm (2"); Hydraulic front and rear vices; Ductile cast iron vices with replaceable hardened wear plates; Computer controlled multiple indexing up; One set of vertical alignment rollers;

SAFETY: Proximity switch for sensing blade slippage or breakage; Interlock design in an electrical and hydraulic system; Conduits protection measure; "Alert Orange" safety measure;

STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Blade "clip" device for easy blade change; an Adjustable front plate for cut-off stock; Additional flushing hose; Bi-metal saw blade; Built-in work light; Toolbox, levelling pads, and an additional wire brush; Operation & parts manual


C-320 NC






320 mm

320 mm

380x320 mm

Bundle capacity - Width

190 - 300 mm

Bundle capacity - Height

70 - 140 mm

Blade speed (m/min.)

20 - 100 m/min.

Blade dimensions (mm)

4240 x 34 x 1.1



Motor output - saw blade

5 HP (3.7 Kw)

Motor output - hydraulic

1 HP (0.75 Kw)

Motor output - coolant

1/8 HP (0.1 Kw)

Hydraulic tank

35 L

Coolant tank

75 L

Automatic Indexing Length


403 mm


max. 9999 mm

Rest Piece

50 mm

Vise control


Height of Work Bed

790 mm


2000/2200 kg

Floor space (mm)

2010 x 2000 mm

Cosen C320NC Bandsaw Machine

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