Full stroke hydraulic front & rear vises enable clamping and unclamping from the control station with touch of a button. Both front and rear vises are shuttle vises, allowing for easy loading, positioning and unloading from either side of the roller workbed.

  • 7.5 hp motor
  • 41mm (2”) blade
  • Positive Feed Saw Frame Driven By Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Inverter controlled Blade Speed
  • High Precision Worm Gearbox
  • Variable Feed Rate & Pressure Control Valve
  • Hydraulic Powered Wire Brush System With Adjustable Speed
  • Full Stroke Hydraulic Front & Rear Vises
  • Roller Workbed



12" H x 48" T by order (Length)


Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Saw


Capacity Height

300 mm (12")

Capacity Throat

1200 mm (48")

Blade Speed

20-80 m/min (65-262 ft/min)

Blade Size (LxWxT)

6650x41x1.3 (261.8"x1.6"x0.05")

Blade Motor

7.5HP (5.625kW)

Hydraulic Motor

2HP (1.5kW)

Coolant Motor

1/2HP (0.375kW)

Workbed Height

1300 mm (52")

Gross Weight

8000 kgs (17600 lbs)

Floor Space (LxWxH)

4100x2000x2750 mm (162"x79"x109")


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation.

Machines may be shown with some options.


Optional Accessories:

● Laser beam projector

● Top clamps

● Deviation detector

● Hydraulic scraper-type chip conveyor

● Change to servo motor & ball screw type available

Traversing Head Cross Cutting Plate Saws

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